Our free-of-charge FreeWebinar!

On Geometrical Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T) introduces you to the realm of form measurement and the principles of measuring instruments. Find out about the aligning of workpieces, the ISO 1101 norm and the correct reading and interpreting of technical drawings. Plus, you will learn about important parameters, filters and evaluation methods. Finally we will provide you with comprising information on how this knowledge can easily and precisely be put into practice with the Mitutoyo Roundtest product line.

FreeWebinar! Agenda:

• Form measurement
• Principle of form measuring instrument
• Work piece alignment (Centering and Leveling)
• ISO 1101(standard for form measurement)
• Technical drawings
• Details of important parameter: Roundness, Flatness . . .
• Filtering
• Evaluation methods
• Product line-Roundtest

The session is held in English language.